6 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

A break-up always comes with 2 scenarios.

  1. Your separation is temporary, and you will get back together again.
  2. Your break-up ended in terrible terms, and your ex will never come back.

Recently I wrote an article about the case number 1, where I have adequately described 9 signs that show your ex will eventually come back.

That article has helped a lot of people, and I am glad that I could be of any help to make your relationship better.

Today I am going to describe the case number 2.

How to be sure that your relationship is over and you are not meant to be with him again?

Here are six signs that show your ex will never come back.

He has already moved on to another relationship

He Has Already Moved On To Another Relationship

Well, it’s a clear sign that your ex is no more interested in you, in case he is with someone else. If he still loved you and wanted to be back with you, he would have never started dating another girl in the first place.

  • He is dating another girl, and he looks happy.
  • He has already gotten physical with his new girlfriend.
  • He has asked you to return his personal things.

If he is trying to break all the ties with you, then he is not going to be back.

The best thing for you would be to move on. This article about dealing with a break-up might help you.

He doesn’t love you anymore

He Doesn't Have Feelings For You Anymore

What do you think? Does he still love you even after the break-up?

If he shows signs that he still has feelings for you, then there might be a chance for you guys to be together again.

But, if he has been ignoring you since day one, then he might never come back to you.

  • He ignores and doesn’t pay attention.
  • He doesn’t care about you anymore.
  • He doesn’t reply to your messages.
  • His words are vulgar and hurtful.

If he loves you, he would never disrespect you. But if he has stopped respecting you, then I am afraid he isn’t going to be back with you.

He doesn’t feel guilty of cheating (In case he cheated on you)

He Doesn't Feel Guilty Of Cheating

Did you guys break up because you got cheated? Was he having an affair outside your relationship?

When you found out that he has been cheating on you, it indeed broke your heart. Was it the same with him?

Did he feel sorry for cheating on you, or was he just sad that he got caught red-handed?

  • He didn’t feel guilty of his infidelity.
  • He hasn’t said sorry to you.
  • He acted like nothing has happened and come up with some weird nonsense excuses.

Things cheaters say when confronted are nothing more than rubbish excuses. If he is only making things up and isn’t feeling guilty of his unfaithfulness, he probably won’t come back to you.

He was on a relationship with you and yet he started an affair with another girl. He might have never loved you in the first place.

You hurt him badly (In case you cheated on him)

You Hurt Him Badly

In the above point, we discussed about how he cheated on you, and that broke your relationship.

Now, let’s look at that case from another perception, shall we?

Let’s talk about a scenario where you cheated on him.

If you didn’t do so, then you are free to skip this point and move on to read another one.

If you feel like reading anyway, then let’s continue …

Did you cheat on him? Were you having an affair with another guy outside your relationship?

If that’s the case, then the break up is on you. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the rights to wait for him. Mistakes happen, and if you are genuinely sorry for your bad deeds, you should get another chance.

  • Did you feel guilty of cheating on him?
  • He might have asked you the questions that one should ask a cheater. Did you have answers to those questions?
  • Did he cry because you became unfaithful with him?

He might have loved you more than anything else in this world. Your affair probably has shattered his heart in such a wrong way that he mightn’t come back to you.

You hurt him and broke his trust. Now, he doesn’t see any way to trust you back again.

If that’s the case, he isn’t going to be back.

He has blocked you from everywhere

He Has Blocked You From Everywhere

Are you still friends with him on Facebook?

Do you contact each other on the phone even after the break-up?

If you don’t do so, then he has already started going away from your life.

  • He has blocked your phone number.
  • He doesn’t receive your call.
  • He gives his phone to his girlfriend to pick up your call.
  • He has blocked you from Facebook and other social media accounts.
  • He has stopped coming to the restaurant he usually used to come.
  • He doesn’t talk to your friends, and his friends don’t talk to you.

If you have become contactless with him or let’s say he has made himself unreachable, chances are he doesn’t regret breaking up with you.

He has moved far from you

He Has Moved Far From You

Does he still live nearby you? Does he contact you? How often do you guys meet?

If he has left the place and gone far from you, then you shouldn’t expect him to come back to your life.

  • He moved on to another location.
  • He didn’t inform you before leaving.
  • He has never tried to contact you after that.


You just read 6 signs that show your ex might never come back to you. What do you think? Does your ex show these signs?

If he does, then what are you planning on doing now?

Do you still want to wait for him or you would give your best to move on?

Let me know in the comment section below. You can also message me directly using the contact us form.

Have a happy life ahead.

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