How To Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

10 Signs Your Marriage Is Failing

You might have never thought you would be looking for signs of a failing marriage someday on the internet.

Marriage is supposed to be a bond that connects two people together for their entire life.

Unfortunately, till death do us part vows, doesn’t always work for everyone.

Are you looking for signs to know if your marriage is over?

Here are 10 telltale signs your marriage is falling apart:

You don’t have feelings for her anymore.

You Don't Have Feelings For Her Anymore

How long have you been married? You know what, it actually doesn’t matter. What matters the most is, how long have been in love with each other?

At some point in your past, you loved her so much that you provided her anything she ever asked. She was the one, and you never wanted anyone else than her.

But, do you still feel the same for her? Do you love her like you used to do before? Have you told her I love You recently or any alternatives to those three magical words?

If the answer is no, then I am afraid your marriage is falling.

You don’t have sex with your partner

You Don't Have Sex With Your Partner

  • Is sex everything in a relationship? Of course not.
  • Is sex essential for a healthy relationship? Of course, yes.

The absence of physical intimacy in marriage signifies that the marriage is in crisis.

If you aren’t having sex like before or your sex life has become totally nonexistent, you should know that your marriage is failing.

Kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding hands are an integral part of physical intimacy. If your relationship lacks those things, then it is coming to an end.

You refuse to compromise

You Refuse To Compromise

Different people have different choices. What you like mightn’t be liked by others. Similarly, what others like mightn’t fantasize you.

In that sense, no one is perfect in this world.

Now, how do you live with someone who doesn’t have the same needs as you?

Well, the answer is “compromise,” and it is the key to a sustainable relationship.

If you refuse to compromise, there won’t be space for love and care, which eventually leads to a drowning marriage.

Cheating on your wife doesn’t make you feel guilty

Cheating On Your Wife Doesn't Make You Feel Guilty

When you are not satisfied with your spouse, you tend to grow an extramarital affair.

Sleeping with someone else other than your wife is infidelity.

You cheated on your wife. Hence, you should feel guilty.

You should be afraid of the questions that your wife will ask you when you are confronted.

However, if you aren’t sorry for your affair and you don’t feel remorse, your relationship has already started drifting apart.

There is lack of respect in your marriage.

There Is Lack Of Respect In Your Marriage

Respect is a significant factor when it comes to overall marital satisfaction.

Love and respect, always coexist together in a relationship. If you tell me you love someone but don’t respect them, then you are definitely lying.

When you love someone, you respect them too.

Respect is not a one-sided thing. You might have probably heard the phrase “give respect, take respect” here and there in your daily life.

When you respect your wife, she will respect you in return. Similarly, when you don’t, she won’t too.

Respecting each other and providing personal space is very important to save a failing marriage.

You have stopped respecting her, means you have stopped caring about her. So, when there is no love, your marriage can’t survive long.

You are with her, but you feel alone

You Are With Her In Home But Feel Alone

You are with her, but you feel alone. Both of you have different agendas, and you don’t want to involve each other in it.

You live with your wife, you take meals with her, you see her every day, and you two sleep in the same bed. Yet, you feel unbearably lonely.

Do you feel alone at home though you are with her?

If the answer is yes, then there is a high chance that you guys will get separated very soon.

Communication is not happening like before.

Communication Isn't Happening Like Before

Communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. If you are regularly communicating through all your doubts and misunderstandings, there won’t be space for any questions and uncertainties.

Communication is imperative to relieve stress and strengthen the bond with your partner.

Lack of communication helps the bad to outweigh the good.

If you aren’t communicating with each other like you used to do before, then it’s a prime sign that your marriage is going to fail.

The trust element is gone from the relationship.

The Trust Element Is Gone From The Relationship

Love exists because trust exists. Healthy relationships are built on trust.

You don’t fall in love with someone if you don’t fully trust them.

Your trust and love towards each other got you married in the first place.

Is that trust and honesty still alive in your relationship?

  • Are you keeping secrets with each other?
  • Are you making big money moves without telling your partner?
  • Do you show some interest in your partner’s favorite activities?

If the trust element is gone from your relationship, there is no way for you to stay together anymore.

You always blame each other.

You Always Blame Each Other

Everyone makes a mistake, and it’s a common thing. Errors can be easily solved by working together.

However, if you keep pointing fingers towards each other for every small thing that goes wrong, rather than solving the problem, then it is never going to get settled.

The blame game is something that has caused relationships to drown for years.

If you are also playing the blame game with your spouse rather than admitting your mistake, then your marriage isn’t going to last long.

You live under the same roof but not together

You Live Under The Same Roof But Not Together

Are you leading separate lives?

Living under the same roof doesn’t make you a married couple.

If you don’t have any feelings for each other than you are just roommates and nothing else.


If you genuinely believe in your heart that your marriage is over, then it probably is. You have read the 10 signs to know if your marriage is falling apart.

  • Do you love each other?
  • What about physical intimacy?
  • Do you compromise?
  • Are you sorry for cheating?
  • Is there enough respect in the relationship?
  • Is there loneliness?
  • Are you communicating enough?
  • Do you trust each other?
  • Do you blame each other?
  • Are you living separate lives?

What do you think? Write down in the comment section below and let us know.

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