14 Signs He’s Not Completely Over His Ex Yet

Signs He Isn’t Over His Ex Yet

Being in a relationship with a guy who just had gone through a break up is not an easy job.

Most of the time, he is there with you, but his mind is somewhere else.

You want to take your relationship to the next level, but he doesn’t seem ready for it.

I can totally understand your situation.

Let me tell you something; if he shows such kind of behavior, then it means he isn’t over his ex yet.

Yes, that’s true. Even though he is currently in a relationship with you, he hasn’t been able to move on from his ex.

To better understand, here are 14 alarming signs for you to read that show your boyfriend hasn’t been able to get over his ex.

He has called you by her name

Has he ever called you by her name? I guess he has.

It’s awkward as well as embarrassing, isn’t it?

Unless her name is the same as yours, he shouldn’t call you by her name.

It’s ok if he gets confused in the names for once or twice in a while, as he has just broken up with her.

But when it happens for more than that, you should realize that he isn’t over his ex.

This can be experimented with two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

He calls you by her name, suddenly realizes he has made a mistake and says he is sorry.

Scenario 2:

He calls you by her name and doesn’t even realize he has made a mistake.

  • Scenario 1 shows us that he still thinks about his ex, but moreover, you are his priority now.
  • Scenario 2 shows us that even though he is with you in a relationship, he doesn’t think of you as much as he thinks of her.

It simply shows that he hasn’t moved on yet.

He still has her things

Usually, in a relationship, couples share stuff with each other. Be in on anniversary, birthday, or some other occasions, exchanging gifts is a long followed tradition.

They frequent each other’s place and spend some quality time together.

Until …. they break up.

When they break up, they return things back to each other. They don’t want to get emotionally attached to the stuff which reminds them of their ex.

So they give back each other’s things.

So the question here is, “What does it mean if he hasn’t given his ex’s things back?

Well, it simply means he isn’t over his ex yet. He likes to keep those things with him because they remind him of her.

When he is with you, he isn’t completely with you

Let’s suppose you guys are on a dinner date. The night is warm, fresh, and enchanting. You guys are talking about various things.

Suddenly, he stops listening to you because his eyes are fixated on something.

You glance where he is looking, but you don’t see anything there.

You call his name, but he doesn’t listen.

You touch his hands, and he kind of gets scared.

You ask him what happened?

“Nothing,” he replies.

Physically he is there with you. But his mind is wandering somewhere else.

Chances are he is thinking about his ex because he isn’t over her yet.

He gets angry when someone tries to be close to her

Sure, he has broken up with his ex and is in a relationship with you now.

It shouldn’t bother him about what his ex is up to or whom she is dating.

He should be happy with you in the relationship and make you his priority.

But it gets tough for him to do that.

He can’t see when someone tries to be close with his ex.

He gets jealous and insecure.

You know why?

Because it’s a clear sign that he hasn’t been able to move on from his ex.

He keeps comparing you with her

He won’t do it all the time. But when you guys have some conflict in the relationship, he brings her up in the conversation.

For example:

You want to spend the weekend together, but he wants to go to watch a football match with his folks.

You tell him not to go, but he disagrees with you.

When the conversation gets heated, he brings up his ex in the conversation.

Like as:

Why don’t you want me to go? I have always gone to watch the match with my friends. Natasha (let’s say his ex) never stopped me from doing anything, so why do you have to?

If he replies like that, then I am just sorry for you. He is definitely not over his ex.

He calls you by your name

Let’s say your name is “Rachael.” Nice name, by the way.

When he has to call you, he calls you by your name.

You might ask, Hey Aashish…  Everybody gets called by their name, so what’s the difference?

Nope, not everybody does that.

When two people are in a relationship, they barely call each other by their name.

Instead, they call each other by various other names like Honey, Sweetie, Baby, Babe, Darling, etc.

When he was in a relationship with his ex, he called her by those names.

Now, he is in a relationship with you. Even being with you in a relationship, he doesn’t call you baby or sweetie or darling. He just calls you by your name.

Do you know why he does that?

Because he can’t call you sweetie or darling as he would remember his ex upon doing so.

He wants to take the relationship slow with you

It hurts to know that the person you have feelings for, doesn’t want to get committed in the relationship.

No matter how much you try, his pace in the relationship never gets better.

There might be other reasons for it. But if he has just broken up and you are new in a relationship with him, then it just means that he isn’t over his ex.

Here are some other self-explanatory signs that show he isn’t over his ex:

  • He denies going to places he used to go with her.
  • He keeps looking at his phone for messages and emails.
  • He isn’t ready to get physically close to you.
  • He talks about her past.
  • He still has her pictures on his phone.
  • He is still in contact with his ex’s friends and family.
  • He compliments about her a lot.


Ok, now we know that your boyfriend isn’t over his ex yet.

So, what’s the deal now?

What do you have to do?

Are you going to break-up with him, or try to make him fully yours?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to break up with him.

You deserve love, and lovershype.com is fully dedicated to helping you get it.

You will have to try to make him yours.

How would you do that?

By reading these amazing tips on how to help your boyfriend forget his ex.

All the best.

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