How To Know If A Guy Is Really In Love With You?

How To Know If A Guy Is Really In Love With You

His actions show that he has feelings for you, but his mouth never dares to speak about it.

As a girl, you would want him to take the first approach, but damn it, you are not even sure if he really loves you or not.

Now, what do you do?

Should you take a rose and start plucking its petals saying he loves me, he loves me not, and try to figure out the outcome?

Well, if it were that easy, there wouldn’t have been any weeping and yelling in the relationship.

Not all the guys you meet are frank enough to tell what they feel about you. Some of them are shy and mightn’t even have fallen in love with anyone else before.

Maybe he isn’t coming forward because he thinks he will get rejected and he doesn’t know how to deal with rejection.

Now, how to know if a guy is really in love with you?

I have written and explained 15 signs in this article. If he shows these signs, then you can say your guy loves you.

He respects you

He Respects You

Love and respect coexist together. If you fail to give one, you lose the other. One cannot love someone without respecting them in the first place.

“First comes respect, then comes love.”

If he respects you for who you are, he is definitely in love with you.

  • He never uses abusive words to you.
  • He doesn’t force you to do anything.
  • He pays attention while you talk.

Without respect, love cannot exist.

He asks if you have a boyfriend or not.

He Asks You If You Have A Boyfriend Or Not

If a guy has feelings for you, the first serious thing he wants to know is whether you have a boyfriend or not.

Usually, every boy asks every girl if they have a boyfriend. How do you recognize the true one from them?

Well, the true one of yours would be much more polite than others.

He wouldn’t directly ask, “Do you have a boyfriend”?

That’s because it would be rude and he doesn’t want to sound harsh.

He would try to mix things up. He would ask you questions like:

  • How is your love life?
  • Are you seeing someone?
  • Your boyfriend must be fortunate to have you in his life.

He would talk to your friends and ask them if you have a boyfriend.
He will go to your social media to see if your relationship status is single or not.

If he politely asks you about your love life, then there is a high chance he is secretly in love with you.

He wants to talk to you 24*7

He Wants To Talk To You 24 x 7

I know, talking for 24 hours all 7 days with each other isn’t literally possible.

What I meant by this is, when he is talking with you, he doesn’t want the talk to end.

Whether he is talking with you, face to face, or on the phone, he wants to keep the conversation going on and on.

  • If you are together, he wants you to stay a little longer.
  • His questions never end.
  • He will never cut the phone call first. He always says let’s talk a little more.
  • He loves listening to your voice.

How to tell if a man is falling in love with you?
He desires a never-ending talk with you.

He makes you one of his major priorities

You Are One Of His Major Priorities

It’s an undeniable fact that a guy, who prioritizes you among other things, surely has feelings for you.

He has his work, he has studies, and he has a lot of other day to day things to do, and yet he is always there for you whenever you need him.

  • You are one of his major priorities.
  • He always has time for you.
  • He has kept your contact number on the speed dial.
  • He remembers almost everything you ever told him.

If he does all these above things, he has planned a long-lasting future with you.

He doesn’t only look at you, he sees you

He Doesn't Only Look At You, He Sees You

Every guy you meet is going to check out how you look. They will look at your body, your hair, and how you are dressed up.

I won’t say your guy won’t do that. He will surely do.

But, the difference is, he doesn’t only look at you physically; he looks at you emotionally too.

  • His eyes are filled with love and not with lust.
  • He wants to touch you, but he will never do that without your consent.
  • He notices things about you that others don’t.
  • He notices things about you that you don’t even see.
  • He can’t stop looking at your eyes while talking.

How do you know if a guy really has deep feelings for you and it is not just a temporary lust?
Well, you can clearly see it in his eyes.

He cares about you

He Cares About You

Love isn’t all about living together and having sex. Love is about sharing feelings and caring for each other for no matter what the situation is.

You cannot love someone if you don’t care about them.

If your guy keeps your happiness above his, then you are one lucky girl.

  • He will take care of you when you get sick.
  • He would never hurt you.
  • He doesn’t give up on you.
  • He will be there for you, even it’s inconvenient.
  • He would scold you for not taking care of your health, but he will be so gentle, you wouldn’t even feel the scolding.

He makes you feel special in front of your friends

He Makes You Feel Special Infront Of Your Friends

Does he talk to you in the same manner as usual or he becomes more respectful while speaking in front of your friends?

If he becomes more polite in front of your friends, then he cares about you a lot.

  • He will treat you like a Princess and will make your friends jealous.
  • He would even introduce you to his friends and extraordinarily treat you.

Why would he introduce you to his friends?
He would do so because he loves you and his friends already know that.

He treats your parents as his own parents too

He Treats Your Parents As Your Own Parents

  • How often does he ask you about your family?
  • Does he show any interest in your family members?
  • Does he try to make a bond with your siblings?

While talking with you, how does he address your parents? Does he call them uncle and aunt or mom and dad?

If he has thought of marrying you in the future, he will address your parents as his own parents. He is trying to connect with your family members because he loves you.

He won’t say he loves you, but he will use the alternative words of “I Love You.”

He Will Use Alternative Words Of I Love You

Most of the guys are shy to express their feelings.

Trust me, saying “I Love You” for the very first time is a pretty hard thing to do.

You don’t always have to say those three words to express your feeling. There are many alternatives to “I Love You.”

If your guy is also using alternative words for I Love You, then you should appreciate it and make things easier for him.

When he is with you, he is only with you

When He Is With You, He Is Only With You

Have you ever been on a date with him? How did he treat you? Were you his first priority on the date?

If he loves you, he will always try to make things better for you.
Your happiness is as important to him as his own.

When he is with you, he is complete with you.

  • He doesn’t use his phone when you are around.
  • He doesn’t check out other girls. If he loves you, you are the only girl he sees on the entire planet.
  • He shares things with you.
  • He flirts with you but never crosses the line.

He will never cheat on you, and this is how you know if a guy loves you or not.

He compliments you

He Compliments You

Does he often compliment you on your looks, clothes, hair, and various other things?

If yes, then he is secretly in love with you.

  • He tells how beautiful you are.
  • He says he likes your hair.
  • He says he admires your voice and even requests you to sing a song for him.
  • He tells you about how beautiful you look on the red dress that you wore over the weekend.

It actually doesn’t matter what the compliments are. He will compliment on almost everything associated with you. If he compliments you, then he is falling in love with you.

He will try to be the first wisher on your birthday

He Will Try To Be The First Wisher On Your Birthday

Your question to me: Every friend of mine tries to wish me first on my birthday. Does that mean everybody loves me?

My counter-question to you: Does every friend of yours always try to be the first wisher on every birthday of yours?

If your answer is yes, then you have got a pretty good friend circle.

If your answer is no, then I already knew that.

Not all your friends give a damn about your birthday. But the guy, who loves you, always tries to be your first wisher.

He will look for the best romantic ways to wish you on your birthday.

  • He wishes you surprisingly.
  • He calls you at sharp 12.
  • He gives you a gift.
  • He asks you to go on a date.

He will try to make your birthday astonishing because he is in love with you and your birthday matters to him.

He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

He Gets Jealous When You Talk To Other Guys

Have you ever noticed him getting jealous of other guys when you talk to them?

He acts like everything is fine, but his body language says something else.

  • You catch him staring at you, and as soon as he sees you, he rolls his eyes to another direction.
  • He asks you about who that guy is and how do you know him.

He is getting jealous because he doesn’t want anyone to come between you two and interfere. Jealousy in here is a good sign that the guy is genuinely in love with you.

He tells you about his future plans

He Tells You About His Future Plan

Has he ever informed you about his aim in life? Usually, guys don’t tell others about their passion.

But, if he is telling you everything about what he has thought about the future, then it’s a clear sign that he loves you.

  • He tells you what he wants to do in the future.
  • He tells you what kind of house he is going to buy.
  • He won’t tell you that he wants to marry you, but he will say he would keep his wife and children very happy.

If he tells you all his plans, then he definitely wants to involve you in them.

He misses you when you are apart

He Misses You When You Are Apart

Have you ever been far from him and realize that he has been calling you more than usual?

Do you know why he does that? Because he misses you.

  • Your absence makes him go nuts.
  • He calls you and asks you when are you returning back?
  • He feels alone when you are not with him.
  • He chats with you for more extended periods.

Just a friend kind of guy would never do that. A guy who genuinely loves you misses you the most.


There you read the 15 signs to know if a guy really loves you or not. What do you think? Does your guy love you or was it just your assumptions.

I want to give you a suggestion.

Don’t wait for him to propose to you. You go forward and propose to him. You love him, and he loves you, right? So, what are you waiting for?

He proposes to you or you propose to him. It’s the same thing. Love is what matters the most.

Break the boy should propose-first-rule and move forward to propose him.

After all, why should boys have all the fun?

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

Stay happy.
Stay blessed.

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