How to Know When Your Relationship Is Over

How to Know When Your Relationship Is Over

How exactly would you know that the relationship you are having with your partner is over?

Will the Postman come and tell you to get separated?

Or, some voice from the sky would tell you that your relationship is over now?

I don’t think something like this will ever happen.

When your relationship is over, you yourself have to realize it.

You have to figure it out from the things that are going on between you two.

There are clear signs that show your relationship isn’t going to last long.

Today, in this article, we are going to learn about those signs.

You don’t communicate with each other like you used to do before.

Communication is a major factor in a relationship to keep it alive.

I am sure there were days when you used to talk to each other for hours.

Do you still do so?

Maybe not for hours but, whenever you get time, do you prioritize her?

Do you feel like calling her even though you just called her a few minutes ago?

If you don’t do so, if you don’t feel like doing so, then there is obviously something wrong with your relationship.

If you don’t communicate with her like you used to do before, then it’s a sign your relationship is getting over.

You would rather spend time with your friends than her

Do you go home directly after the office, or you just hang out with your friends?

If you hang out with your friends and pals, how often do you do that?

Once or twice a week is fine. But if you are hanging out with your friends every day for hours rather than go and be with her, then that’s a sign.

It’s a sign that shows you are bored with your relationship.

If you and your partner live together, and yet, you find yourself looking for excuses to stay out, you may be avoiding the fact that your relationship will end soon.

You don’t want to spend time with her.

When she isn’t your first priority, then you can assume your relationship is over.

You feel alone, even being together in the same room.

You are there with her under the same roof, but it feels like you are totally alone.

Why does it feel so?

Because she doesn’t care about you, and you don’t care about her either.

You have stopped sharing feelings with each other. You don’t share anything with each other anymore.

Being with her just makes you depressed.

If that happens to you, then it’s time to break up.

Physical intimacy has dropped to almost none in the relationship.

I am not just only talking about sex here.

No sex or less sex is an obvious sign that your relationship is going to be over soon.

I am talking about other forms of physical intimacies like hugging, kissing, cuddling, etc.

If you don’t kiss her goodbye while going to work or don’t hug her after returning from work, and if you don’t cuddle in the bed together before going to sleep, then there is nothing left on your relationship to follow.

I am afraid to say this to you, my friend, but your relationship is hanging on a cliff and going to fall down soon.

You don’t talk about the future together anymore

Everyone loves to talk about the future.

We will do this, we will do that, and the best thing will be, we will be doing all these things together…

Oh, there are just too many “wills” in that sentence.

A strong relationship always holds promises together.

Planning a future together is not a joke. You have to be dedicatedly in love with each other.

No matter what, the dreams you have seen together will never fade away if the love is true.

Do you still see her in your future?

Does she do that too?

If it’s a “yes,” then you are just wasting your time reading this article.

Your relationship isn’t in vain. Go and be with her together.

But, if it’s a no, then Oh boy… if only you knew earlier.

If you don’t see your future with her, then that’s just the end of your relationship.

There is no more to talk.

Sooner or later, you will break-up.

Your needs aren’t being met

When you feel like you aren’t getting enough of your needs, then it’s time to question your relationship.

You don’t get to sleep with her. She doesn’t make you her priority. She is just fed up with you and doesn’t care about what you want.

Isn’t it an obvious sign that your relationship is over?

When one partner feels that the other isn’t fulfilling a requirement, then love doesn’t exist in that relationship anymore.

You refuse to compromise

During the first few months of a relationship, couples tend to neglect bad things about their partner.

It’s a new beginning, so you compromise on the way a lot many things just to make your relationship work.

I am sure you might have done that too.

The question is, do you still compromise to make things work?

And, does it make you happy?

There was this joke on the internet:

I was in a live-in relationship with my girlfriend.
She wanted a Cat.
I didn’t want a cat.
We compromised and got a cat.

Well, that’s funny.

Can you still have a cat even though you don’t want it?

If you say no, then it means you don’t want to compromise on things anymore.

When you stop compromising on a relationship, then it tends to break down soon.

The relationship has become toxic

A toxic relationship is a kind of relationship where things are seemed forced rather than being flowed naturally.

In simple words, a toxic relationship is something that is filled with insecurity, competition, dominance, selfishness, jealousy, and dishonesty.

Suppose you fought with your partner for some basic issue. You think it’s her fault. And, she thinks it’s your fault.

Rather than talking to each other and fixing the issue, you create a competitive environment.

You feel like she should call and say sorry first.

She feels like the mistake is yours, so you should be sorry.

You start avoiding each other.

If your relationship is filled with less love and more insecurity and selfishness, then it’s a sign your relationship is over.

You have lost interest in each other

Do you still love her?

I am sure there is some feeling in your heart for her but is that love?

Do you share the bed with the same passion you used to have for each other?

Do you go on dates? Movies? Picnic? Parks?

Does she cook your favorite food? Or she just cooks the food?

Do you give her a surprise party on her birthday, or just saying happy birthday feels like fine?

If the answer to all those above questions is a big fat “NO,” then there is nothing on your relationship to save. It’s over.

You don’t feel healthy being with her

If you feel disturbed when she is near you, it shows you don’t have a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship requires arguments too. You debate, you fight and come to a conclusion, and be happy.

But if you constantly fight with each other over minor issues and always blame each other for everything, then it’s a toxic relationship.

It’s time to know that your relationship is over.


You just read the signs that show your relationship isn’t going to last long.

Here we have some more self-explanatory signs that we didn’t discuss above.

  • You constantly fight over minor issues.
  • You are no longer afraid of losing each other.
  • You always play the blame game.
  • Trust doesn’t exist in the relationship anymore.
  • You don’t miss each other.
  • You always have to repeat yourself.
  • You start feeling interested in other people.
  • Their little things annoy you.
  • Your inner instincts tell you to break-up.

Break-ups are hard, and it’s even harder to cope with them.

Dealing with a break-up isn’t that easy as people say it is.

I suggest you read the best ways to deal with a break-up so that it could help you keep yourself sustained.

If you think there is still a slight chance of saving your failing relationship, then I suggest you go for it.

I am sure the article on how to save your failing relationship will definitely be helpful for you.

All the best.

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