How to Help Your Boyfriend Forget His Ex?

How to Help Your Boyfriend Forget His Ex

It’s annoying as fu*k when the person you feel for is still stuck with his past relationship.

You genuinely like him. You can clearly see a future with him.

But him?

He has no idea what’s going on. He acts as he loves you, but it doesn’t feel like he does.

He is there with you, but his mind is wandering somewhere else.

These are the clear signs which show that your boyfriend is not completely over his ex.

Sometimes you feel so tired of all this bullshit; you just want to break-up with him.

But unfortunately, you can’t.


Because you really have a true feeling for him.

I know. I have been there too.

When I had broken up with my ex, it took me 6 months to get into another relationship.

I was being very hard on my girlfriend in those initial days. Even though I was in a relationship with her, I still had feelings for my ex. So it was kind of confusing.

But now I realize that I have made a great deal breaking up with my ex because I wouldn’t have met my soul mate without a break-up with her.

My girlfriend and I are pleased with each other now, and we are planning on getting married soon. Yaaayyy !!

You want that for you too, don’t you?

You also want to be happy with him.

Well, don’t worry.

Today in this article, you will get to learn some ideas and guides on how you can help your boyfriend forget his ex so that he could really be with you.

Let him know that you are there for him

Be with him on all the important occasions. Don’t tell him that you are busy with something when he needs you the most.

Make plans for anniversaries.

Buy him gifts on his birthday. Even plan a party on his birthday. Try to be close to his friends and family.

Don’t let him think that he is alone.

Be someone whom he can always count on. It won’t take him a long time after that to forget his ex.

Never mention his ex in the conversations

I know it’s hard. But you really have to try not to bring any topic of his ex while having a conversation.

The more you talk about her, the more he will think about her.

We are trying here to help him forget his ex, not to patch him back with her in a relationship.

If he goes with her again, then you would become his ex. I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

Never mention anything related to his ex.

Don’t compare her with you

I know girls usually do this, but you should never create a comparison with his ex.

He says, “You are beautiful.”

You will just be a dumb person if you reply as, “Really? Am I more beautiful than your ex? Tell me who is more beautiful, her or me?

As we discussed earlier, you have to stop mentioning her at any cost.

Just be you. Don’t try to be her.

I’m sure he would see how much you care about him and eventually stop thinking about his ex.

Don’t be insecure

I can understand. At many times in a relationship, the situation can get intimidating.

But that doesn’t mean you have to feel insecure.

He would want to be with someone who knows their value. If you get jealous of his ex and become insecure, then it might give him fixed feelings.

Never think that his ex will come back to his life and take him away from you.

Instead, be strong, be brave, and trust your inner instincts.

If you love him enough, then no one can take him from you.

It’s good to be scared a bit sometimes. But if you really want your boyfriend to forget his ex and be with you, then you should stop being insecure.

Don’t bring him to the places they used to frequent

This goes without saying, but you should never go on a date in places your boyfriend and his ex used to go.

After sometimes being with him in the relationship, it’s okay to go there.

But when his last break up is still fresh, you should never take him to the places he used to go with his ex.

It will just bring back memories, and it will give nothing but hurt him.

If he used to go to Cinema “A” with his ex, take him to Cinema “B” to watch a movie.

Avoid places they used to go together at any cost.

Don’t act like you are fixing him

Never try to be his psychiatrist.

Do you know what I mean?

Listen to what he says. Be a part of his story.

But if you try to act like you are much more mature than him, then I am afraid he will leave you.

We all know he has a past. I am sure you have a past too.

If he brings something from his past relationship, help him to get over it.

Just don’t sit down with a pen and paper and ask him to tell the whole story as a psychiatrist does.

Avoid the triggers at any cost

I love computers. I am a geek. I am a nerd. You can call me whatever you want.

On my birthday, my girlfriend gifted me a Laptop. It should have made me happy, right?

But it didn’t.

You know why?

Because on my previous birthday, my ex had bought me the same laptop.

Oh, it triggered me so hard.

Are you getting my point?

Avoid things that make your boyfriend remember his ex.

Avoid everything that could remind him of her.

Do you have to wear the same perfume his ex used to wear? I guess not.

If you really want your boyfriend to forget his ex and be completely with you, then you should compromise on a few things here and there.

Being a girlfriend is not enough. You have to be his best friend.

His ex was his girlfriend once upon a time. Even though being in a relationship together, they certainly had some boundaries.

They used to share things with each other, but they definitely had some secrets too, that they never shared with each other.

Secrets he would not share with his girlfriend, but only with his best friends.

If you want him to forget his ex and make you his priority then just being a girlfriend is not enough. You have to be his best friend too.

Be someone he can trust. Be someone he can freely tell things.

He never shared his secrets with his ex. If he can share those secrets with you, then you already have a plus point.

If he can blindly trust you, then he can genuinely love you too.

Help him get rid of her things

Gifts and stuff that was given by her to him can create disturbance in the relationship with you.

You are new in a relationship with him. You mightn’t even have seen his room and what he has in there.

If he still has her things, then it’s a very bad sign.

It clearly means that he still misses her.

But if you want her + her memories out of his brain, then you should suggest him to get rid of the stuff that she gave.

Don’t throw those stuff. You can donate them to the needy.

It’s time for him to keep your gifts and get rid of hers.

Be very supportive of him

You know, sometimes, he might call you by his ex’s name by mistake.

It happens. It has happened to me too.

But instead of getting angry at him, you should really support him.

It would be best if you let him know that it’s okay and you understand.

He has just broken up from a relationship. He needs time to heal.

  • You should always respect his personal space and privacy.
  • He might want to take things slow in the relationship.
  • He mightn’t be ready to be on the same bed with you yet.

You shouldn’t make an issue of these things and let him know that you fully support him.

Don’t be upset over little things.

If you do so, trust me, he will never think about his ex.

Not even on his dream.

Gift him things he like

I don’t know what your financial status is. You might be financially secure, and you mightn’t be. I am not here to judge. I am just here to help you.

I don’t say you have to give him expensive things.

I am also sure not all the things he likes are expensive.

When you buy him a gift that he likes, it gives him the impression that you really care for his likes and dislikes.


He misses his ex.

Yeah yeah, we know that.

If you are always there for him, would he get a chance to miss his ex?
Absolutely not.

If he could find his best friend and girlfriend in you, do you think he would worry about anything else?
I don’t think so.

When you genuinely care for someone, sooner or later, they will start feeling for you too.

Love is a very precious thing.

If you truly love him, then no one can come between you and him, not your insecurities, not even his past, and definitely not his ex.

I wish you all the very best to help your boyfriend cut ties with his ex.

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