How To End An Affair With A Married Man?

5 Best Ways To End An Affair With A Married Man (Updated 2019)

“I have been having an affair with a married man for the last six months. At the beginning, it was fun. I didn’t care if he was married. But now I am feeling guilty because his marriage is in vain”.

“He has two kids, and it feels like he has totally forgotten about them. I don’t want his kids and wife to suffer because of me. I made a mistake, and I want to end this affair now. How do I end an affair with a married man? Please help me out.”

Please Help Me Find Ways To End An Affair With A Married Man
I made a mistake, and now I want to fix it.

I got this message on my Facebook page inbox yesterday from an Indian woman. Her name is kept anonymous because she didn’t want to display her name publicly.

She made a mistake, and now she has realized it. However, recognizing the mistake isn’t going to solve her problem entirely.

Thinking about her affair’s wife and kids, she took this bold decision to end her relationship.

Above all, we should really appreciate her for what she did. We barely get to see people like her these days.

Now, if you are going through the same situation as her and looking for ways to move out, here are the five best and most effective ways for you to end an affair with a married man.

Talk to him straightforwardly

Talk To Him Straightforwardly
Tell him the reason for your breakup.

Firstly, you should talk to him about your intentions. Tell him why you want to end this affair. Ask him what he has thought about this ongoing relationship.

Sooner or later, your relationship is going to end. He is going to get back with his family, and you will be left alone.

If he still says he will come back to you and leave his family, then trust me, you aren’t having an affair with a gentleman.

If he could cheat on his wife with you, he could cheat you with another woman too.

If you tell him you want to end this affair, he would want to meet you and try to convince you. Now, this leads to our second step, i.e., “Avoid meeting him.”

Avoid meeting him

Avoid Meeting Him
Don’t go and respond when he calls.

If you have really thought about ending your affair with a married man, you should be firm in your decision.

You will meet him again, and your feelings might overwhelm your decisions.

Consequently, you might even change your mind about ending this affair.

When he is out of your sight, he will be out of your mind. So stop meeting him.

Block him from (Phone and Social Media)

Block Him From Everywhere
Create an affair-free environment

When you don’t meet him, he might want to contact you on your phone or social media accounts. You have to block his phone number, and you need to block him from all of your social media accounts.

If possible, I would like to suggest that you deactivate your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a few days. If you do this, he wouldn’t be able to contact you from anywhere.

Get rid of his things

Get Rid Of His Things And Donate Them
Don’t keep things that he gave to you.

Deleting his number and blocking him from social media isn’t enough to let him go away from your memory. You have to get rid of his things too.

He might have given you a lot of gifts from time to time, hasn’t he? Seeing these gifts might trigger your memory, and it might hurt you.

You are trying to end this affair with a married man, and it won’t be easy for you to do so if you are keeping his things with you.

So donate them and get rid of them.

Travel far from him

Travel Far From Him
Go away from him for a few days.

If you stay around, he surely will follow you. If he knows where you live or where you work, he might visit there to talk to you. He might even create a scene in your workplace, and that might be pretty embarrassing for you.

I am not suggesting you go far from him and leave everything behind. I am just telling you to take a week off from your work and travel somewhere. If you are really willing to end this affair, this shouldn’t be a big issue for you.

If he doesn’t know where you are, he won’t be able to follow you.

Scare him with a fake positive pregnancy

Give him a pregnancy scare

Suppose you went far from him, but still, he tries to reach you. What ways do you have left to get rid of him now?

You can give him a pregnancy scare. 

He would say he loves you and he can’t live without you and bla bla bla… But deep down inside, he is just using you.

When you tell him that you are pregnant, he would tell you to have an abortion.

You have to scare him by saying, “No.”

Tell him you want to give birth to your kid, and he has to raise him as a father.

Trust me; this will scare the shit out of him.

You would know by then that he never really loved you to accept you as his own.

But what if he says he will raise the kid?

Wow, plot twist, isn’t it?

Just to be the big man, he might tell you that he will raise the kid.

What would you say then?

You need to ask him to divorce his wife first

This is called beating the opponent on his own game.

Even though he agreed to raise the kid, there is no way he would divorce his wife to be with you.

Tell him you can’t live like this.

Ask him to marry you.

He isn’t going to accept that. He can’t divorce his wife.

Eventually, he would agree to break up with you and close all the ties.

And, that’s how you end a relationship with a married man.


You are doing the right thing by ending this affair, but there will be consequences.

Ending your “affair relationship” with him means you are breaking up with him. Dealing with a break up isn’t that easy. It’s hard, and it’s even harder to cope with it.

Breakups Are Hard
Dealing with a breakup isn’t as easy as it seems.

Here you can read some genuine proven ways to deal with a breakup. This article will definitely help you get through your hard times.

You might avoid meeting him, travel away from him, and get rid of his things, but still, deep inside, it will be difficult for you to delete him from your heart on a snap. It’s going to take some time.

But again, you have already done an excellent job by breaking up with him. You will be totally fine.

All the best.
Stay Blessed.

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