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First of all, what is lovershype? Well, the word “hype” has a lot of meaning, but in this case, it describes itself as “Vibe“.
So, the vibe that occurs between people in a relationship is called “lovershype”.

Howdy, Lovers!
I am Aashish Poudel Genuine, the founder of this blog. I am passionately curious about writing and helping people with the help of my blogs. In my blogs, I always try to be informative, so that people could learn something when they visit. Setting up lovershype.com and bringing it to live was just like a dream came true.

I’m not going to claim that I have done P.H.D in this field, but I’ve gained some valuable insights over the years from many different experiences and things generally tend to work out in my favor now.

I will try to help you solve your relationship issues and problems. When there is a will, there is a way. All you have to do is work hard and have some patience.

Feel free to contact us with your relationship troubles. Get some ideas from the image below, if you get stuck while submitting the form. Give us your name, email and ask your query about your situation. We will get back to you with a sustainable solution for your problem.

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After reading your problem and analyzing it, we will write an article for you to read. In that article, we will provide you with some best ideas and opinions. You will apply those ideas step by step in your life to overcome your issues. Your name won’t be added to the blog without your proper consent. Your privacy is of extreme importance to us. Read our Privacy Policy to understand better.

Love happens and it matters.

I personally believe that “true love doesn’t come that easily, but when it does, it comes for everyone“.

Have some patience and wait for the right one to come. Love happens, and it matters. Today, the major mistake most of the people do is that they couldn’t differentiate between “Attraction” and “Love”. When someone comes near to you in your life, you start thinking of that closeness as love. But most of the time my dear friend, it’s just an attraction. You think of proposing her/him, and you get rejected (most of the time). This incident shatters you so badly that you start thinking “Love and Relationship” as a bad thing.

In this blog, you will get ideas about what not to do and what has to be done in your situation. Stay connected with us and read our articles.

What can you expect from lovershype.com?

Lovershype.com is a blog solely created to solve your love-life-relationship problems.

You can expect a fulfillable answer every time you ask us your query. We will try our best to show you a simple way to get out of complex situations.

Are you (Aashish Poudel Genuine) married?

I am writing this About Us section on January-28-2019.

I am not married to this date. But when I do, I will let you know.

How do you know all these things?

Well, I have learned from life. Thanks to those who came into my life and taught me some valuable lessons.

What will you do if you don’t find an answer and couldn’t solve a problem?

A question is always born with an answer. It’s not like there won’t be an answer, it just might take time to find the right one.

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Well, yeah! That’s basically all about me and about lovershype.com
If you want to share your story, the lovershype community is always here for you with all ears.

All the articles on this blog are written from personal experience and research. It’s entirely up to you to leave the site and never visit it back if you don’t like the site contents. I have mentioned this thing clearly in the disclaimer section. Have a look at it to know better.

Thank you all for reading. Hope to see you all around.